dimecres, 10 de desembre de 2008


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Reflecting on your presentation...

1. How did you feel before, while and after you presented?
Before I felt so nervous, because I don't know the text

very well, and it was my first presentation in english.
While I read the text I feel so nervous, but after I
feel relaxed and happy.

2. Describe your presentation in 30 words.
I think that my presentation is good, because is a
good text and it isn't large and it isn't short.
We talk about the racism, and I think that all the
people are equal. The text for mi is very interesting.

3. Watch 2 of your friends' presentations and:

- Write 3 positive and 3 negative aspects of their presentations.
Ariadna, Marc and Cristina.
Positive: I think that is a good presentations because they

speak well and I can undertand and the text is good.
Negative: I think that there aren't any negative aspects.

Aida and Laura.
Positive: I think that they read very well and
I can understand the text too.
Negative: I don't know.

- Write 3 positive and 3 negative aspects of your presentation.
Positive: We have got a good text and I think that we spoken well.
Negative: We read the text.

4. What ideas can you apply to your next presentation? How can you improve it?
I study more the text and I don't feel so nervous.

5. What mark do you deserve?
I think we deserve a 6,5.

Oral presentation

My Symbol

This photo is a symbol that represents me.
Because RBD is my favourite pop group.
I love RBD, and in 25.8.08 I went to the concert.
It was very fantastic:)

dimarts, 18 de novembre de 2008


This is one of my favorites songs :)